reignite your love life:

embracing the cycles
and colors of love in midlife

free online event hosted by jeanne byrd & cherry norris


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Jeanne Byrd and Cherry Norris


Are you ready to experience your highest destiny in love?

Join Relationship Expert Cherry Norris and Transformative Coach Jeanne Byrd for an enlivening, free, 3-part online event that explores how to attract, nurture and complete relationships in midlife.

Get tangible tools that will help you navigate and Embrace the Colors and Cycles of Love in Midlife.  Learn how to uncover your true love identity so that you become magentic to your deepest desires.  Find out how to complete your relationship so that you feel free and empowered to move on and create a new, fulfilling life. (This method works even if your partner isn't available.) 

What people are saying...

"I love the support for women 50+ (I am close to 54.) It made me feel part of a group of women who want to be, do and have more, and that it's all possible."

- S.M.

"Thank you for gathering speakers on subjects that reflect the complexity & richness of this period of our lives from the perspective of vibrant possibility!"

- Anna Urrea

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